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(7) Business Models for World Domination

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This post will cover the company’s trajectory from my current tutoring services to global domination… or at least a pedagogical revolution.

Model 1: Andrew does 1-on-1 Schoolwork-Based Tutoring. I used to accept any student who needs help with math from school. I’m winding this down. I’ll help my “legacy” students graduate high school but as of August 2021, I will take no more students who just need to “get through” tomorrow’s test. I have already begun transitioning toward…

Model 2: Build V1 of the Best Damn Math Course Ever (BDMCE) for 10 Early Adopters. I’m looking for 10 students who:

  • Need 1-on-1 tutoring in basic number sense and algebra.
  • Are not on a tight schedule or deadline. This could be home schooled students, students in self-paced course, adult learners, students seeking enrichment, etc. But not crammers.
  • Are willing to do all tutoring on camera so my employees and I watch the video and build V1 of The BDMCE.

This is underway already with 2 students, both doing well! Bravo Math needs 8 more as of September 2021 and the equivalent of a full-time employee to help me build lesson resources for them. That position is open, by the way!

When the crude but acceptable V1 is complete, hopefully around June 2022, then it’s time to transition to…

Model 3: Andrew = Super Teacher, Publicly Offered Course. It’s time for expansion and refinement.

  1. Offer the course to the general public. Anybody who wants a life-changing experience in math can sign up.
  2. Drastically increase the rate of testing and iteration of the resources.

When I first started tutoring in 2010, I had no idea what I was doing, yet managed to get fully booked within a year. Word-of-mouth alone drove this.

If this course is even a tenth as good as my dreams, there will be a flood of demand and an army of raving Bravo Math fanatics in Vancouver. That alone will be an earthquake in the local math education scene, but to really change the world, the model must be scalable. I can’t be the one teaching everything.

Model 4: Full Implementation of the Team-Based Rapid Prototyping Model of Pedagogical Development

See Hypothesis 2.

This is how Bravo Math will create learning resources so refined and potent that recent graduates can become excellent peer tutors. This is the path to exponential growth and, hopefully, a template for how any educator can improve their pedagogy.

Any questions?

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