Bravo Math News

(1) The Bravo Math Manifesto

Bravo Math does the “impossible” in math education.

We exhibit the following values: Students First, Courage, Truthfulness, and Merit.

Mission “Impossible” 1: Get 5,000 diverse students in Vancouver enjoying math 5 years above grade-level by June 30, 2028.* Cause an earthquake in the stagnant world of education.

When we achieve this mission, students of every background will arrive early to our lessons and ask if they can start right away. They will engage so intensely with math that they wouldn’t notice an ice cream truck crashing through the wall. They will beg to stay after lesson time is over and then ask for homework when we kick them out. They will do our math activities in their spare time, then go beyond that by showing us incredible new math activities, which they find and create themselves. They’ll decorate their bedrooms with math paraphernalia, from eye-catching graphs and geometry to equations and pictures of mathematicians. Math will go from a phobia to a source of joy and excitement.

They will transform from apprehensive remedial math students to inspiring peer tutors who tell their tutees “You can do this, too!” They will ask to bring their friends, which will help us raise an army of grade 5 students who love grade 10 math. The habits and confidence we help them develop will transform their entire lives.

We’ll invite parents, teachers, academics, journalists, and our smartest skeptics to observe our lessons and they’ll be blown away. Parents will give unsolicited feedback about how they cannot believe the change they see in their children. Our work will be widely viewed as the biggest breakthrough in education in ages.

As people rave about Bravo Math, we will receive a flood of demand. To meet that demand, we will build a vibrant and enduring company for which we love to work.

Our compounding successes will galvanize sweeping innovation in educational systems around the world – and, at long last, the vast untapped potential in all of us will finally be in plain sight.

~ ~ ~

Thank you to Jim Collins and Jerry Porhas for the framework used here.